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1. Odoo Roadmap & Strategy Fabien Pinckaers, Founder

2. From 2,000,000 users to 10,000,000 users. or how we will turn Odoo mainstream...

3. from $2M to $10M Investment Areas To Turn Odoo Mainstream 5 or how to spend $10M as fast as possible and burn a lot of energy...

4. Release A Product That Deprecates Every Competitor 1 This is something we excel at...

5. A product growth no one can follow

6. Version 9: roadmap o 40% Usability: – Improving all existing apps, the right feature at the right place – User onboarding, ease of use o 20% Accounting: – 8 countries in the core o 20% CMS / eCommerce o 10% New design: – Merge front/backend, mobile, modern design o 10% Framework: o New API

7. 1 Release cycle February 2012: v6.1 (13 months) 2 January 2013: v7 (11 months) 3 June 2014: v8 (18 months) 4 June 2015: v9 (12 months) 5 Every new version is a revolution. Version 9 will be even more impressive! January 2011: v6.0

8. Attract The Mass Of Users 2 It's all about getting users, a lot of users. Not only customers.

9. An attractive pricing... o The cloud, free for 2 users: – Why the cloud? Smooth user experience. High satisfaction rates as everything works out-of-the-box – Unlimited applications: CRM, CMS, eCommerce, Accounting, etc. o Millions of CMS/eCommerce for free: – Already 50k pages on CMS/eCommerce websites built with Odoo CMS Beta – You can do a lot with 2 users: we don't need to get revenues from CMS/eCommerce-only instances as we have so many applications to upsell

10. Affordable implementations o Lower entry barrier - no huge starting costs for SMEs: – No complex implementation projects – A fixed-price packaged offer o New service offer, 100€ / month per application for: – Implementation assistance and configuration – Unlimited customization of screens, reports, workflows – Monthly upgrades – Training material – Unlimited support tickets, 24/24 response time!

11. Disrupt A Market Having A Huge Traction 3 Creating the frontend of all apps will not only increase the quality of all apps but also disrupt the CMS/eCommerce market.

12. " " The CMS/eCommerce market looks like the ERP market 6 years ago, before Odoo entered into it. Full of complex products that did not evolve over the past 3 years.

13. Traditional ERPs o The monetization (and main focus) remains on business apps: – Accounting – Warehouse Management – Project Management – Point of sale – Marketing – HR, ... o But CMS/eCommerce will bring a huge volume of prospects to our other business apps

14. Make Partners Rich By Making Customers Super-Happy 4 You will like our product and services so much that you will always want to purchase more.

15. Traditional ERPs o Buy an ERP – Invest on 7 years o Maintain as long as you can – Implementations are so painful that you have no other choice – Upgrades are too expensive o After 7 years : it breaks – You change the product and call other vendors

16. Traditional ERPs o Modern companies deserve to: – Evolve continuously – Benefit from top features every year – Be free of any legacy constraints – Have the flexibility to customize easily o Odoo Enterprise – our main value proposition: – Providing so much value to customers through continuous upgrades that they will want to purchase even more

17. Odoo Enterprise o Odoo Enterprise is our core business: – Unlimited upgrades – Unlimited bugfix support – Optional hosting on our cloud – Guarantees : security, performance, legal o Customers shouldn't have to pay for: – Painful upgrades; if upgrades are costly, they tend to not upgrade – Bugs take delay the project and costs man*days of work

18. " " Story of a 1300 users customer I met last week...

19. Let's Burn A Few Millions In Marketing Too 5 We have an awesome product, a huge channel of partners, a strong service offer, ... Now, people need to know it.


21. Marketing activities o Smart Content: – Documentation, books, blog posts, white papers, Q&A – Translations of website and documentation – A super clean website, marketing optimized ! o Inbound Marketing: – SEO, SEA, funnel optimization with a powerful CMS o User/developer on boarding: – Users : usability, clean features, etc. – Devs: docs, easy installation, modules scafolding, ... – Community: efficient tools and communication o Local Events: share, meet and inform people

22. All of this while maintaining a fun working environment and a sane relationship between partners, customers and the community.

23. Relationship between proprietary software vendors and their implementation partners

24. What we do By enforcing full open source rules, we set up the rules to guarantee a sane relationship between all parties of the value chain: ● Vendor: Odoo SA ● Customers ● Partners ● Community

25. 2014-2015 This will be an epic time...


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